MD#4 Winning Buzzword Bingo

Euan Walker, CTO of Verrency, will be speaking about Verrency's technology stack, distributed architecture, automation journey, and how they’ve used some key distributed tools to side-step problems before they occur.

As a new start-up, Verrency had the opportunity to start with a blank sheet of paper and solve a couple of big questions:  How do we scale?  How do we never go down?  How do allow work in the cloud without co-mingling data?  How do we allow the platform to keep growing with products we haven’t invented yet?  And how do we do it really really cheaply.

MD#3 Of Rabbits and Raspberries

Alexey Sapozhnikov of Airwallex talks about his experience using RabbitMQ and (hopefully) run a live demo on a stack of Raspberry Pi. 

RabbitMQ is a widely adopted, open-source message broker. Lightweight and easy to deploy on premises and in the cloud, it supports multiple messaging protocols and can be deployed in distributed and federated configurations to meet high-scale, high-availability requirements. 

Come and learn the highs, lows, pitfalls and trade-offs.

1830: Refreshments
1900: Rabbits and Raspberries


MD#2: Shunting Logs for Fun and Profit

We're joined by Richard Johnson, former CTO of Skimlinks in London, currently putting together a crack tech team to build the next-generation Daily Fantasy Sports platform for Draftstars right here in Melbourne.

Rather than focus on the common distributed cases of computing, queueing, or storing data, Richard shares his experience of collecting and moving data at scale while building a content monetisation platform for Skimlinks.

Apache Flume offers a simple yet powerful abstraction that allows you to design resilient dataflows to get your data where you need it.

18:30 - Refreshments
19:00- Shunting of Logs

Refreshments provided by our fine hosts, Airwallex.


MD#1: Scaling The Event Stream

Presented May 18th 2017 @ Airwallex.

Technologies: Apache Kafka, Apache Storm, Apache Cassandra, Clojure.
Techniques: Partitioning, Parallelism, Streaming Data.


The Log: .. Real Time Data's Unifying Abstraction - Jay Kreps
Gently Flexing The Grid - Ben Stopford
Turning the DB Inside Out - Martin Kleppmann
Great Cassandra Resources - The Last Pickle
Great Storm Resources - Michael G. Noll